Thyroid & ADrenal health

Digestive concerns


Pre & perinatal care

Cosmetic Injectables (Dermal Fillers & botulinum Toxin)

Menopausal & pms symptoms

HcG WEIGHT management

nutrition & lifestyle counseling

We are what we eat. There are also times in our lives where we need specific nutritional support.  Knowing what that is can be confusing with all the information out there. Dr. Iverson can help individualized nutritional intake and find out if there is a deficiency or condition affecting your health. 

Clinical Supplementation

Oral Supplementation with vitamin and mineral combinations is sometimes necessary when we aren’t getting the required nutrients from our food. Dr. Iverson recommends specific supplements before and during pregnancy to optimize the health of the baby. 

Botanical Medicine

Herbs have a gentle and balancing effect on the body without the serious side effects that drugs can cause. Dr. Iverson uses botanical extractions to treat hormone imbalances, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, increase energy, or manage pain. 

Diagnostic Testing

Dr. Iverson may refer to Lifelabs for specific test when necessary. There are also a number of in-house tests that can be utilized for identifying food sensitivities/allergies, candida overgrowth, heavy metals, hormone imbalances and more. 

Pharmaceutical Prescriptions

Dr. Iverson is certified to prescribe proper medications when indicated. She is trained to know interactions between supplements, herbs and pharmaceuticals. Depending on the severity of the condition/symptoms will determine whether or not pharmaceuticals will be recommended and prescribed.

Intravenous therapy

IV therapies can be used to administer high doses of vitamins, minerals and herbal preparations to bypass the digestive tract. They are a safe way to boost health during detox programs, pregnancy, sports recovery and decrease inflammation. 

Chelation Therapy

This is an intravenous therapy to remove heavy metals from our bodies. The most prevalent heavy metals are: Lead, Mercury, Arsenic and Aluminum. Once heavy metals build in our system, they alter our cell function and can worsen or lead to many health conditions. For example: Cardiovascular Disease (Hypertension & Arrhythmia's), Alzheimer's, Autoimmune conditions, Chronic Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Autism and more. A simple pre and post provocation urine test can tell what heavy metals an individual has stored in their tissues. 


Initial Visit (60-75 minutes) - $170

Follow-up (30 minutes) - $75

Please contact sardis naturopathic medical clinic at (604)-858-7422 for IV therapy pricing and any other inquiries